Thursday, February 4, 2010

The last pictures of baby on the inside

Or at least I hope they are!!

As I sat in the birth pool Tuesday evening trying to decide if this baby was going to make an appearance or not, I chatted with Karen. She mentioned wanting to play with some lighting, and taking some more pictures on Wed if I was up for it. It didn't look like it was going to happen, but this stubborn little girl decided to stay put for a couple more days at least.

So exhausted from 3 hours at the vet with my cat who lost a fight with a large dog (and he's a large cat) resulting in a couple of broken ribs and a ton of bite wounds on his sides, contractions 3 minutes apart for hours and hours, waking up at 4am with a terrible headache and not going back to sleep until 5:30 at least after some tylenol and a hot bath, and being up again at 7 to call the midwife to reassure her that as of 11pm NOTHING was going on anymore so she didn't need to come over, I trudged over to Karen's house to take more pictures of my overly large belly.

I figured that I'd look more tired than I did in the last set (where I looked tired!!), but they came out fine. This one is my favorite - I just look so done being pregnant, and really shows how I felt!

And the rest

I felt a lot better last night after a short nap, another hot bath, and lots of food. Slept really good, and feel good again today. While I'm hoping that she comes REALLY soon, I'm glad for the rest that she's given me the last two days.

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