Monday, February 15, 2010

The last 8 days

What a whirlwind.

A joy.




And more. So many things about this pregnancy, labor, and baby have been so different than all my other kids. I realize and completely understand that each pregnancy and baby is different. But the emotions have been different, the labor was off the wall different, and while the baby definitely belongs to this family by looks, she's got to be different too.

I've hashed out the labor with friends. It took me a couple days to even recover emotionally from it. Not that it was awful by any means, but stressful. I was on a clock, and that clock was running out. The moment she was out and in my arms was just so powerfully overwhelming. This little thing, that had caused my emotions to be all over the place the last nine months, was mine. It took a bit for that to sink in. I adore her. I sit and rub my face against her so so soft hair. I sniff her head frequently, but it still took time for me to really believe she was mine.

And as I'm processing and recovering from all this, I still had all the other kids to take care of and deal with too. Kian is in love with her, and wants to hold her, touch her, kiss her - all. the. time. There were a couple days when a hotel sounded really really good.

But we're adjusting. And she's thriving. She's constantly hungry, and eats a ton - more than any of my other kids did. I'm very curious to see how much she weighs. At her 3 day checkup, she was down to 7lbs 10oz from her birth weight - not bad at all. Her cord stump fell off while we were there. I was kind of sad. Not only did it mean it wouldn't be there for pictures (nothing screams newborn like a not yet gone umbilical cord), but that time was passing, and I know it goes by so very very quickly.

Two sessions for her newborn pictures. She couldn't be a happy content baby for the first try. I guess she's allowed to protest occasionally. At least she can't run away from the camera yet!

And here we are. 8 days later with baby number 8. We've got our groove for the most part. We're learning who each other is. She loves to just sit and take the world in. She's as wide eyed as she was in those first pictures when she wasn't even an hour old. And just so tiny. I always forget just how tiny a new baby is.

And remember all that cute tiny stuff I sewed for her right before she came?? It's all too big still. She doesn't like to be cold at all, and I'm dreading our next electric bill since we've had the heat turned up, and it's been cold here. So I've been sewing a bit here and there for her, she needed (and have more planned) some warm things that actually fit her. I hate having to dig out tiny arms from the middle of a shirt because it's just too wide!

This is the most recent thing. Another "recycled" sweater from the thrift store. I had been searching for MONTHS for a girly striped sweater, having this outfit in mind. I wasn't too sure on the brightness of this - brown and earth tones are my favorites. But now that it's done, I adore it. I need to make a little hat to match - as much as I hate covering her hair, she needs one when we go out.

Since I had the camera out, and everything set up, I did a little mini photo session as well. Nothing like trying to use clothes pins to hold up a reflector!


  1. She's so pretty! I'm glad you're adjusting to each other.

  2. 6 and 39 are so gorgeous! Lovely baby, lovely mama.

  3. She is beautiful! Great pictures!!! How long did your labor take? Did everything go OK? I'm happy that she's here and healthy!!

  4. She is adorable, Allison! and I love that striped sweater outfit!!! Absolutely adorable!

  5. Mariel - once labor actually started, it was about 9-10 hours. One of my longest by far. She REALLY didn't want to come out!

  6. We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................