Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No - she's not here :)

I think I'm finally started to get a tad excited about the baby. I wasn't thinking it would take the whole pregnancy, but it has. I'm still worried about how everything is going to get done that needs to be done, and still parent her the way that is so very important to me. We'll figure it out some how.

I've been sewing - not enough to get everything done I wanted to, but enough. Of course, I don't think I've actually finished anything - lots of things still need hemming, or snaps, or some other little small part. That's on the list for this week.

School started yesterday. Checked out all my online classes - I believe algebra is going to kick my butt.

Also saw the midwife yesterday. Baby is nice and low. Did my first every Strep B culture - lets hope it comes back negative! Didn't gain any weight from 2 weeks ago, which makes me quite happy. But my blood pressure had finally gone up. I'd been averaging around 120ish/80ish the whole time, and it was 135/80-something yesterday. I've been ordered to cut out the caffeine, and start drinking water (oops!). I've now ordered little girl out so I can start drinking Dr Pepper again.

The birth supplies are all gathered - just waiting in the closet. The birth pool has had a test run (and I believe will have another today - darn husband that didn't want to put a deep bathtub in when we built!), and sits in the room waiting as well. This waiting part sucks. I'm very much a plan, and think, and plan, and obsess, and plan some more type of person. And that's very hard to do knowing you'll have a baby sometime in the next 4 (please God not 4) weeks. Day to day planning just doesn't do it for me.

I go back and forth from wanting her to come out NOW, and to wait a couple weeks. She is NOT allowed to come from 1/21-1/24. Too many birthdays in our family, and people I want here can't be here. We'll obviously manage if it happens, but I'll be begging her to stay put from tomorrow until Monday.

Karen and I did some pictures Monday. I was very shocked to see how round and basketball looking my belly was! Just doesn't look like that when I'm looking down at it. You can check them out here:

37 weeks

Now just to keep waiting.