Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to get ready!

I've got 3 weeks to get everything ready for this baby. Yes, I realize it's the absolute earliest she's allowed to come, but school starts as soon as I hit 37 weeks as well, and I'd like to try to get a couple weeks ahead on my school work. Life is going to be busy enough, I want to try to relax and enjoy her as much as possible! I know all too well how very very quickly those first few weeks, and then months go. I'm still in complete shock over how quickly this pregnancy has gone! It still seems like it should be 3 or 4 more months before I'm due.

I've always said I wished babies would stay newborn to 6 months for a year, and then grow normally until 2. And from 2 to 3 should only last 6 months. Or maybe from 12 - 18 years should only last 6 months?

There's so much I want to get done, and with no school for the next few weeks, and the only other household projects (besides the deep cleaning it so desperately needs!!) we're doing is building the swing set the kids got for Christmas. There's the newborn layette set I want to make (all mix and match to make it easier for everyone to help get her dressed or for little ones to pick out her clothes!), my mom's quilt to finish, and of course, the nursery.

I've NEVER had a nursery before. For Chrissy, I had a little area in my room for her crib. There was a wall hanging that matched her crib set, and that was the extent of it. Every baby has spent the first few months in our room, and then gone into a room they shared with someone. This baby will do the same thing, but right now the 2 youngest are sharing a room, and I'm decorating is as the "nursery". Baby girl will eventually go in there as well, and her quilt will coordinate with what I'm doing in there as well.

Crib set and quilt for Alannah's full size bed are being made from these fabrics and their coordinates. I'm not sure I'm going to love the full sized quilt (the top is almost done). If not, I stocked up in a big way when the fabric was discontinued, and I can always make a different one. I won't do a quilt for the crib, Kian has a sock monkey one already. I'm going to make these fabric boxes out of the fabrics and brown corduroy, various sizes to go on the shelves we have on the wall to hold diaper supplies and other odds and ends.

The finishing touch?? A couple sets of these adorable fishes (again in the Heather Ross fabrics) tied together and hung on the walls. I've asked Eric to help me get the room all done as soon as the swing set is finished. We need to paint the walls, Alannah's headboard, the dresser, and some of the shelves. There will definitely be pictures of the progress!

Before I forget - pictures from the last photo shoot (now that it's almost time for another one!). These ones are my favorites, you can see the ones Karen picked here.

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  1. beautiful pics!!!
    I've never had a nursery, either. My two "babies" both sleep in our room, but they have graduated to their own beds. My other three have grown up and moved out!!