Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like I didn't have enough to do already

For whatever reason, this whole pregnancy I've had many many dreams with my mom in them. I really don't mind - they seem to fill a hole in my heart that's been just sitting there gaping. This is the 2nd baby I'll have that will never had been held by her - and the ache that causes wasn't something I had ever even imagined when I was saying goodbye.

Today on the way to school, I was thinking about her and the latest dream. Just remembering the things she did, and what things of hers I held on to. And then I remembered the bag of quilt pieces that she started when I was little - 7 or 8 maybe. She got a couple blocks pieced, but never got any farther than that. I remember going over the colors choices with her - I wanted rainbows, and she obliged for the most part. That bag - that's been through many moves, and even a fire (there's smoke damage on the outside of it) is sitting in my closet. I think it's time for it to come out.

I didn't have this connection with her when I was pregnant with Kian - no more dreams than usual, didn't think and reminisce any more either. This is all new. So I feel compelled to do something different with this baby because of it. And it hit me today what to do. What better way to connect this little girl with the wonderful grandmother that she'll never get to meet, then by finishing the quilt that my mom started for me so long ago?

7 weeks to get it done. I believe it was meant to be a twin size - it will be lap size or crib sized at the most. I have 25 pieces - all of them are stained, I can't decide if I should soak them before or after I put them together. Being stored in a plastic bag for 25 years hasn't done them any favors. And of course I can see why it never got finished. Each piece had to be hand sewn onto the white square. Blah. She had more patience than I do!

Going through the bag makes my heart melt. Besides the pieces to 4 quilts she started (I don't remember her ever finishing one, until the king sized one she made for me about 6 years ago!) there's little notes and drawings for them.


  1. oh wow!!! what a legacy for your daughter. Definitely an emotional task, but one done with love from 2 generations.

    so...maybe a namesake?

  2. You never cease to amaze me, Allison. :o)

  3. What a lovely legacy and a lovely gift it'll be for Baby Girl.