Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm sitting here laughing my butt off looking at the pictures from my latest photo session. You see, I had this GRAND idea of taking pictures in the water. I've actually had it for almost two years, and convinced Karen to do it for me. Of course, SHE didn't have to get into the cold water (72 degrees IS cold)!

So I obsess over what to wear (naturally), couldn't find the pictures that originally inspired me, and left Target empty handed (almost - I DID get a couple cute tanks, and towels finally that fit around my huge belly). But I went there for shorts - and there were none. Come on, we live in FL. It was 84 that day - seriously no shorts?? Not even in the clearance section.

So off we go to Blue Springs State park. Go get changed into my bathing suit bottoms (planned on those with a tank), and hike down to the shallower spot. And THEN see the signs. No swimming. Dumb manatees. Yes, I get that they're endangered, and Blue Springs is their winter home, but they RUINED my plans for pictures! Come to find out Blue Springs closes the run to swimming, snorkeling, and tubing from Nov 15 - Mar 31st! Should have done this a couple weeks ago :(

Decided not to waste the $6 entrance fee, and grab a couple photos at the more interesting areas of the park. Then I remember the area where you can put in and take out canoes - and that IT probably isn't blocked off since it's right where the river and spring run meet. I thought I could at least put my feet in the water, though I wasn't as comfortable getting all the way in since it's #1 - not a designated swimming area and I didn't want to get kicked out, and #2 I HAVE seen alligators in that area before.

And this is where some of the funniest pictures happen. And I will share them - I promise (but tomorrow!). Then I'll work on the good ones :)

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