Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does it really need the practice?

My uterus I mean. It's gone through this 7 times before, you'd figure it would know exactly what to do and how to do it. And it should be in plenty of good shape already too. So why the heck do I need to have braxton hicks contraction? Doesn't my uterus know how annoying they are? And add to them the round ligament pain, and you'd think my body had it in for me!

So, the way I figure, in 12.5 more weeks, my uterus will be in GREAT shape, and my ligaments will be so stretched out, the baby will just about fall out.

Which reminds me of a dream I had with the last baby - I had been sleeping (in the dream), and woke up. Rolled out of bed (after 7 months, you can't just get out anymore, you have to roll over the side and hope your legs catch you before you fall to the ground!) and all the sudden noticed I wasn't pregnant anymore. Just had that nice flabby-still looks 5 months pregnant- belly. Freaked out a bit, then looked back to the bed. Sweet baby boy was just laying there all happy and warm snuggled into my bed. He had just fallen out while I was sleeping. His cord had magically been cut, and the birthing fairies had taken care of the placenta and any mess as well!

Is it too much to hope for a labor/delivery like that? Though I would hope to at least be awake when she makes her appearance - besides, I'd like to meet the birthing fairies!

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