Saturday, November 28, 2009

Clothes for pregnant women should be optional

I've come to this conclusion. As I sit here at the computer, with my pants pulled down way low on my belly, and my shirt way above. The less on my belly, the better.

But it's not just that I don't want things on my belly. Clothes that fit well are just SO hard to find. Having a short waist doesn't help. At least that's what I think it's considered? When I'm not knocked up, Old Navy's ultra low rise pants come to about an inch and a half below my belly button. Not exactly low rise. So EVERY single pair of maternity pants with the low band, or "real" waistband, that I find the most comfortable, fall down. I'm constantly telling my kids to pull up their pants - I HATE saggy crotch. I hate it even more on me - I can't even begin to understand the kids that wear their pants with their waistband down on their thighs *twitch*

But it's not just pants. There's other parts of me that are changing shape as well. After upteen years of hating underwire bras, I finally found one that I like. I own 4. I now own 4 that are too small. So I dug out the old faithful nursing bras. I guess after 3 or so kids, they're not as faithful anymore. They cover, but that's about all they do. I guess I need to go bra shopping. Blech.

If clothes were optional, I wouldn't have these issues.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A decision I've never had to make before

I'm going through all the clothes bin, taking out summer, trying on long sleeves and such for winter, for the kids. And I come to the baby bin. There's some old things of Kian's in there that were my favorites. Some are gender neutral enough that they'll work just fine for baby girl. Others - not so much.

I can't for the life of me decide what to do with them. I've been saying to people that this will be the last baby. Doesn't feel odd, painful, anything. But getting rid of baby clothes? It's the first thing that I've come across that feels concrete. And it's not really - if I change my mind, or get surprised again, I can always make and buy more. There will always be cute baby clothes - right? So why is it so hard to put those baby clothes in the "to pass on" pile??

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't quite understand this phenomenon. The other day my good friend and I were talking about birth/babies/Dr's, etc etc. She tells me when she had her last baby, the discharge nurse came in to do her thing. The nurse said something about the uterus, and I don't remember exactly what it was, because I was so shocked at the following statement. In regards to the uterus "it's the place your baby grew before she was born". Which, yes, is true. But that a nurse feels it necessary to educate a new mom about what her uterus is, is what flabbergasted me.

I understand that not everyone feels the need to research every single little thing about what is happening in their life, but can not imagine having so little knowledge about something SO major. But it must be something that comes up often, if this nurse feels it necessary to tell each patient what a uterus is.

But it's not just in that situation that I see it happening. And not just in economic and demographic situations where information isn't readily available to people to find on their own easily. But then I wonder, are people really just so trusting of other people, to take whatever they say as fact and truth? I wish I could be so trusting (and I'm not ready for a tin foil hat by any means).

Back to the birth thing. Can someone please explain to me why someone would head towards something so important, so special, such a life changing event, without finding out as much as possible about it? Why does a nurse need to explain to a new mom what is uterus is. Why does a pregnant woman not know what discomforts are just part of pregnancy, and not mean you're dying. Why are they afraid to ask their Dr/midwife questions about what's going on, or for advice for easing one discomfort or another, and turn solely to friends or acquaintances that know little more than they do? It's a little bit scary.

I listen and talk to pregnant moms, and I'm astouned that these adults have less information than I did when I was pregnant for the first time. At 15. I asked questions, I read every book I could get my hands on (too bad the "What to Expect" series was one of the only options then!). I knew more about my body, what was going to be happening and how and why, then a lot of pregnant women, and even women that have had a baby befrore, when I was barely out of childhood myself.

And then I wonder what kind of society that we've developed where so little value and emphasis is put on self education, that nurses have to tell a woman who just carried her baby for 9 months what her uterus is.

Happy cranky 28 weeks to me!! :)

Coming back to add more :) I realize this could be taken the wrong way. I do think a community of woman to get information form, or just commiserate with is a VALUABLE resource in pregnancy and motherhood. Even if it's online. But there comes a time when it should be obvious that they may not know the answers you're looking for, and to seek out more information. Why would I get information on what to expect from a cesarean if I needed it from woman who have never had one? Again, one of those things that I think as a society we've shied away from. Not only self education, but problem solving. And realizing when you don't have the complete answer, and the knowledge of how to find it yourself (or who the right person to ask would be!).

Rant really over this time! (I think)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does it really need the practice?

My uterus I mean. It's gone through this 7 times before, you'd figure it would know exactly what to do and how to do it. And it should be in plenty of good shape already too. So why the heck do I need to have braxton hicks contraction? Doesn't my uterus know how annoying they are? And add to them the round ligament pain, and you'd think my body had it in for me!

So, the way I figure, in 12.5 more weeks, my uterus will be in GREAT shape, and my ligaments will be so stretched out, the baby will just about fall out.

Which reminds me of a dream I had with the last baby - I had been sleeping (in the dream), and woke up. Rolled out of bed (after 7 months, you can't just get out anymore, you have to roll over the side and hope your legs catch you before you fall to the ground!) and all the sudden noticed I wasn't pregnant anymore. Just had that nice flabby-still looks 5 months pregnant- belly. Freaked out a bit, then looked back to the bed. Sweet baby boy was just laying there all happy and warm snuggled into my bed. He had just fallen out while I was sleeping. His cord had magically been cut, and the birthing fairies had taken care of the placenta and any mess as well!

Is it too much to hope for a labor/delivery like that? Though I would hope to at least be awake when she makes her appearance - besides, I'd like to meet the birthing fairies!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So close, yet so far away

13 weeks. Wasn't I just 13 weeks like last week? And now that's all I have left!

If I think of everything that will be happening between then and now, it seems like there isn't near enough time to do it all, and this sweet girl (who I'm thinking may be a gymnast) will be here before I know it.

But then, I start doing things to get ready, and I get impatient. 13 weeks, 3 months, 90 days - no matter how I put it, can be so far away. Yet my receipts are going to start saying things can be returned after my due date soon (if you don't know what I'm talking about, Target tells you the last day you can return things at the bottom of the receipt!). 90 days really isn't that long. At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

Then there's my intuition. The closer I get to the end, the more and more I feel like this is NOT going to be a January baby. Which is ok. But 11 weeks/2.5 months/75 days sounds SO much closer. At least I'll have a baby by my anniversary? Which is the end of Feb. That will give me more time to get ahead in my classes for the spring semester, rather than having a baby as soon as school starts, and having to play catch up instead.

I had a great time with friends schlepping around Target pointing that stupid red thing at stuff this week. It could be addicting. I may go there, and make up fake registries just to be able to play with it!

Baby girl (no - no name yet!) is almost big enough to start playing "guess the baby part". Trying to figure out which part of her is pushing and prodding will be fun. I could lay in bed all day guessing. Well, I could lay in bed all day just for the heck of it too occasionally! At least I know that the majority of my belly is now baby, and not just fat.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whooo Hooo!! New pictures :)

Karen and I trudged all over Gemini Springs this afternoon to get some "new" shots. I had a lot of fun! And it's just what everyone was waiting for - right?? You don't get to see the ones that prove to me my butt is every bit as wide as I thought it may be. Hard to tell when you're trying to turn around to look in a mirror but keep your butt in said mirror as well!

Just a little over 13 weeks left. It seems so far away still, yet way too soon as well. I'm really just starting to get used to being pregnant!

26 Weeks

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm tired of doing this by myself

My husband helps me - a LOT. I didn't cook dinner tonight. Or last night (unless you count throwing the hunk of meat in the crockpot). Or in the last week (or probably month). I don't put my laundry away. He gets up with the 2 year old if he wakes up in the night. But I want more.

I want him to share half of the growing of this baby. I can handle the aches and pains - the chiropractor and massage therapist take care of most of those (and I will NEVER go 2 weeks without again!). I'm ok with taking the full brunt of the weight gain, stretch marks (thank you to all my kids for really not giving me many *knocks on wood*). I don't even care to share the birthing part with him.

But it's hard to nest when you don't have any energy. I have this HUGE list of things in my head that I want to do, and get done before the girly is here. And there's Christmas and Thanksgiving to deal with too. And right now I can't seem to make it through the day without 9 hours of sleep and a nap in the afternoon. Even then, I'm still crashing at 9. I want him to take half of the energy loss. I could ask him to help with some of the things, and I will. But he can't sew. And I'm particular about how things (furniture) get painted.

The list isn't getting any smaller, in fact, just about every day it gets bigger. Not sure how this is going to work out. At least I'll have a month+ after the holidays (with 3 birthdays in between) to catch up??