Sunday, October 4, 2009

So, I'm really noticing the difference a few extra pounds makes

You know those stories of women coming to the ER, not knowing that they're pregnant, but having HORRIBLE stomach cramps? And a couple hours later out pops a baby? I've never got HOW they couldn't know. I understood irregular cycles, and extra insulation keeping the baby belly hidden. I can even get mistaking the baby kicks in the beginning for gas bubbles. But HOW do you not get the kick that you can feel on the outside?

Then I gained 10 pounds between babies. And it apparently wants to hover right over my belly. Eric and I start discussing this after his mom tells him about one of those women that came in to her hospital last week (which was a very happy ending btw).

I realize there's more fat on my belly, and even though I'm 22 weeks, I'm having a hard time feeling all the bumps and rolls and kicks through my belly. And Eric hasn't felt a kick yet. Which makes me sad, yet helps me understand a little bit more how people could go full term without having a clue that there's a baby growing on the inside of them.

It won't be much longer before Eric can feel her though. For the most part, every time he's tried, she got all peaceful and stopped moving. There must be some sort of magic in his hands. I'll take advantage of that after she's here and wakes up 20 thousand times a night if that's the case!

But she's getting stronger and stronger, and it won't be long before you can not only feel her through the layer of blubber, but her kicks will start poking my belly out like there's a tidal wave in it. And I can't wait (remind me of this in a few months when I'm complaining of bruised ribs!).

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