Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This little girl isn't eating enough!

No, not me - remember I'm not little?

I'm finally past the "is she fat or pregnant" stage, but there's still fat there - just baby belly is poking out enough to spread it out and make it look like I'm growing a baby in there rather than storing up for the winter.

So I figure, the baby needs to eat more. Because theoretically, if she eats more than I do, she'll start working on that layer of fat keeping her warm too - right? I've been pretty happy with my weight gain so far, but until recently, my appetite hasn't been all that great either, so it's been easier. Well, my appetite is back, and I'm definitely eating for two. Ugh.

New pics are done too. Did more in the studio this time than outside - something different was very nice. Still did the old standbys, so I could keep track of the growth of the baby bump.

You can check them out here. Just a warning - you WILL see my blindingly white belly :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Half Way There!!!

And the heartburn started yesterday. Blech. Only 20 more weeks to go??

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm nuts

I've got 4.5 months left (please baby only take 4!!). I just put all the baby stuff away in the "closet". It's actually a lingerie chest/wardrobe/thingy we use in our room for baby things (and my maternity clothes at the moment). I get some kind of weird pleasure folding tiny little t shirts, gowns, and clothes. And the itty bitty diapers. Who could imagine that a butt could be that tiny? And that in a few short (I hope) months, I'll have a tiny little butt to put into them!
So everything that I have that doesn't scream boy is put away. It only took 20 minutes. Just by that alone I'm thinking there's not enough. And then I step back and take a look. There's nothing pink, except the diapers a friend just gave me. Nothing purple, or flowery, or frilly either. Mostly white, some greens and yellows, and a tie-dyed undershirt that has fuchsia. I guess that might count? But I could still stand there and look at it all for hours.
There's only 1 gown, 1 pair of jammies, and I think 30ish undershirts (yes, I have issues - they're all from Kian!!). Some of them are long sleeve, some short, and some are side snap and others are onesies. There's about 5 gender neutral outfits. And 1 dress. It's absolutely tiny, and a thin smocked dress I had made for Alannah. I stuffed her into it for her 3mo pictures. And I mean stuffed. 1 sweater. 5 diapers, 3 all-in-one diapers, and 4 itty bitty wool longies. And shoes. Not that the kid will be wearing them any time soon, but I seem to collect them. There's some from Aislinn in that basket!

So I've got 4 months to put a wardrobe together for this baby. And get more diapers. And with as fast as babies seem to grow, it will really be 3 wardrobes. The newborn one, the short sleeve/short pants 3mo one, and the long sleeve/long pants 3mo one. Nothing like winter babies in FL! One day it's 80, the next it's barely pushing 50.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So the 9 days didn't take as long as I thought

I guess being super busy, and acting as a taxi service to a kid or two makes the days go by faster!

I was very impressed with the place I had the ultrasound done. It was a bigger center, and the ones I'd been to in the past weren't very personal. This one had the tv so I could see the whole thing instead of trying to crane my neck to see the monitor next to my head. Just like the smaller owner operated place I went to last time. And I got lots of pictures, and a cd of pictures too. They even put everything in a little keepsake folder (that I'm sure won't survive long here!) and tied a pretty ribbon color coded to the sex of the baby.

Oh - the sex of the baby?? Well, it was actually quite obvious, even when she just quickly went over the appropriate area. And when the tech stopped, there was no doubt at all, even Eric knew right away! I was worried that the baby would be stubborn, but not at all! Very accommodating actually. Now, we need to work on a name. That's the hard part.

This child may hate me when it's older. I'm essentially posting nekkid b.a.b.y pictures (yes, I did that on purpose - would hate to see the search entries that pull up my blog if I didn't) online for the whole world to see it's plumbing. And for those of you who can't tell, the plumbing on this not shy one is on the inside!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just 2 more days

I've come to the realization that your ultrasound while pregnant is almost as exciting as your due date. But better in ways. No hours of pain, no mess, but you get to see your baby. Of course, you don't get to take your baby home with you either, so that's not as nice.

I'm anxious for some reason - not about anything being wrong, but I REALLY want to find out where the plumbing on this little one is. And being a favorite of Murphey's, I'm scared he's going to come visit me on Saturday, and convince this little one to keep his or her legs crossed!

And now I get to try to keep busy to make the next 2 days pass QUICKLY, so I can drink my gallon (not quite) of water, and cross my legs and hope I don't sneeze for my appointment Sat morning.