Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's going to be a long 9 days...

Almost 17 weeks. I'm still amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is going. Usually the pregnancy drags on forever, and then the baby comes and is one already when I turn around. Of course, if it's going so quickly now, I'm sure the first year of the babies life is going to go even faster.

But I'm positive the next 9 days are going to drag. Only because that's when my ultrasound is. It's one of those things that I wish I could schedule RIGHT NOW, but I want to make sure that as long as baby cooperates, we're 90%+ sure that what we're seeing is what we're getting!

Once we find out (or don't for that matter) I can really start "nesting" for the baby. I've already gone through and sorted everything, and pretty much know what I need. Just need to know if I need boy stuff, girl stuff, or more gender neutral stuff for a stubborn baby!

And this baby is stubborn. Had an appointment with the midwife the other day, and the baby must have thought she was trying to play tag with the doppler or something - kept trying to squirm away. Even kicked hard enough to see through the belly fat! It was quite entertaining.

Speaking of kicks - I started feeling them last week. And the first time, I was a bit stunned. You figure after 7 kids, I'd remember how those first kicks feel, but it still took me a minute to process that weird rolling feeling going on in my belly. I was expecting the kicks of a ready to be born baby, not something that felt like a tennis ball rolling around in a balloon.

School starts next week. I'm semi-terrified, yet completely excited. I've been quite overwhelmed lately (though it's getting better!), and as a result, haven't picked up my camera in a long time. School will force me to use it - but I'm really hoping to learn a lot in the 2 photography classes as well. And hopefully the hour between them will be enough time for my lazy pregnant self to take a nap in my car and eat lunch.

Not a huge difference in the belly this week compared to last time. I felt like doing something different, but it makes it harder to see the growth, or non growth as it may be. I should have pushed my glasses up too, so I don't look like such a grandma. Sigh... Next time the pink/purple cami will be back. Of course, as it gets colder, I may be rethinking that as well!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better late than never, right??

As I'm discussing with Karen when we're going to do my 16 week pictures, it hits me that I haven't shown the 12/13 week ones. Well, they're not all getting shown...

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and procrastination in writing a blog entry because I was a tad busy has made it a bit longer than I intended between posts! I'm still trying to figure out where the last 2 months have gone to, and can't believe I'm 15 1/2 weeks pregnant already. There's still a LONG way to go though. I'm hoping at my next midwife appointment I'll get the go ahead to schedule the ultrasound around 18 weeks. That doesn't seem very far away at all.

I CAN say now that my belly isn't all fat. There's a good sized baby in there making it pop out. I've been trying to be more careful in what and how I eat, and it's paying off. I've only gained a couple pounds so far (by my not quite accurate scale, but still!). Maybe after this one is born I'll lose the 30 pounds I retained from the 4 before it?

School is getting ready to start in a couple weeks, and I'll start homeschooling the kids again a few weeks later. I told Eric the other day that we only had 2 weeks to get all my early nesting in. I know we won't have the time or energy once we're both back in school for the fall. Poor guy! I even had him pull out the baby stuff. I'm set for a boy, and if I have a girl, just need a couple girly things to round the gender neutral stuff out.

At least there's one thing to really look forward to about being in school. Between my classes, and Chrissy's (she's dual enrolled) I'm constantly on the go and busy, and the semester pretty much flies by. And I'm only taking photography classes this semester, so there won't be anything that just drags (like my Spanish class...). I'll knock almost 4 months of baby growing out in a blink of an eye. And have just enough time to through a couple birthdays, Christmas, and final nesting together and the new one will be here!

OK, I don't exactly look happy in these... But look! My belly still goes flat if I lie down!