Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One third of the way there

It seems like so much time has already passed, and yet there is SO much farther to go! There's a whole semester of school and then some between now and baby time. That just seems like forever!

I got to pee in a cup, get some blood drawn, and be thrilled I've only gained a pound since the last midwife visit. I guess cutting out the Dr Pepper that was making me sick is helping in other ways as well...

People are already asking about names. I have to tell you - I'm about out of them. I have NO CLUE what we're going to name this baby, whether it decides to be a boy or a girl. Girl may be a bit easier, but just a bit. It's funny how your prospective of needing the baby name right away changes after you've had to pick out a bunch of them. And then there were a couple of kids that we waited to find out if they had external or internal parts until they popped out - we came up with 2 names for each of those! And of course we couldn't use the the unused name for the next one, had to start all over again! I can only remember Kiera's boy name, and it was Kieran, so I don't think she'd appreciate me using that if we have a boy this time.

I'm starting to feel better. Still get sick if I don't eat, and still quite tired, though not needing a nap every day. Which is actually pretty nice. It's amazing what 6-7 kids can do to a house when the supervising adult is sleeping.

I'm surprised with how excited Alannah is about the baby. At 4, I wasn't sure she'd really grasp the whole concept. Though she is pregnant with me - and it's twins, and the girl's name is going to be Snow White. I thought that little phase would pass quickly, but she's been hanging on to that fantasy for a few weeks now.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing morning at the beach Thurs, but please no one scream beached whale??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There really is a baby in there.

I was out to dinner with friends the other night. There was this cute skinny pregnant chick sitting at another table. Based on snippets of overheard conversation, this is her first baby. She had a t-shirt on similar to that one up there. She was obviously pregnant - you know that perfect cute round little belly? And maybe 3 pounds of fat on her whole body. Ahh... to be young again! I told my friends that I needed one of those. But I don't, because right now, I look about as pregnant as she did (6 months or so!) but it's NOT the baby. It's the remains of the baby weight from the last 4 kids. And each of those 5 pounds has decided to throw a party and hang out on my stomach. Thanks Grandma for those genes. My t-shirt needs to say something along the lines of "yes, I'm fat, but I'm also pregnant, and I'm going to get fatter".

I'm starting to get into the "nothing fits right" stage. Where maternity clothes that aren't going to fit when the belly really is baby fit and are comfortable, and the ones that will fit after that are falling off. Unfortunately, I also gave away ALL my maternity clothes after the last babe, so I'm starting all over except for some things handed down from friends. And who wants to spend a ton of money on clothes they're going to wear for 3 months? There lies the dilemma. I think I will be buying 2 pairs of shorts though. I'm sick of either pulling them up all the time, or undoing the snap/button. Two pairs should get me through until I think it's too cold to be wearing them, or I get too lazy to reach around my belly to keep shaving my legs.

I also now have confirmation that there really is a baby in there making all this stuff happen. Finally got a heartbeat on Sun afternoon. And unless I was abducted by aliens and have something in my lower belly that goes thumpthumpthumpthumpthump at 169 beats a minute, I'd say the little parasite that's using all MY energy to grow is doing just fine. There's nothing like that soft beating sound of galloping horses to ease a pregnant woman's mind. And make it really sink in too. I've been daydreaming of all the things I want to get for the little one lately. Only 6ish more weeks until I can find out what he/she/it is! Eric may want to hide the check card.

I'm going to TRY to get a picture this week sometime. I know you all are disappointed you can't point and laugh at my fat belly :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pregnancy skews all normal thoughts.

A normal person would be thrilled to not be sick anymore after weeks of trying to keep the contents of their stomach to stay in their stomach. Not a pregnant person.

I'm not supposed to be feeling just fine yet. But for the most part (besides requiring my daily nap at 2/3 in the afternoon), I do. Oh, there's the little twinges of nausea that still pop up here and there. But I can brush my teeth in the morning. I don't have to eat within 10 minutes of climbing out of bed to make sure that lunch will stay down. I wasn't expecting this lull for another 2 weeks or so at the minimum. So of course, I'm slightly worried. Tried listening for a heartbeat, knowing full well that it was highly highly unlikely to get one at just 10 weeks for me. Stupid tilted uterus! I was hoping for the reassurance. I'll just have to wait a couple more weeks I guess.

I met my new midwife the other week. Had my first visit, peed in a cup, cringed as I stepped on the scale (but at least I haven't added anything to my fat butt yet!), and tried not to wince when she took my blood pressure. Just another reminder that I need to take better care of myself.

But, I like her. She's has a totally different personality than my "old" midwife, but it's not a bad thing, just different. She hugged me, which is weird for me. I'm not a huger. But it's not going to make me never see her again. Once I know someone is a huger, I can brace myself for it, and not flinch and step back and offend them.

Something is screwing with my taste buds though. Dr Pepper tastes bad to me now :( I suppose it could be my body making the things that are bad for me taste bad, but I still like other things that are just as bad for me - like Moe's, or McDonald's Big Macs. But skipping the caffeine will help my blood pressure, and my butt will appreciate the 3-600 less calories a day I'm sure. Yes, I drank THAT MUCH Dr Pepper.

The problem is finding something else that tastes good to drink. Everything I've tried just seems too sweet, and unsweet tea, or just lightly sweetened is gross. Even water is iffy! I used to like Zephyrhills, but it tastes off too. At least the water at the house tastes just fine. I may toting that around every where. Not an awful solution, but a pain in the butt at times!

No picture this week or last. I'm just as fat, if not a bit bigger. Still haven't gained any weight, but my fat is redistributing itself I guess. Maternity pants are becoming more comfortable than my regular pants. Of course, I'll need a bigger size in a couple of months as the fat migrates to my butt as my belly pushes it to the side/back. I figure I'll go through 3 sizes of maternity clothes just like the last 2 times. Of course, I gave away just about everything after Kian, so I'm starting from scratch again! Though a friend just had her baby, so I get to raid through her stuff later this week :)