Friday, June 26, 2009

A shimmer

I knew it would come eventually. And I'll take it in the bits and pieces it's coming in.

Listened for a heartbeat yesterday. Just to double check my dates. If I'm off, I'm off by a month. So figured if we heard something, I'm 12 weeks rather than 8. Nothing of course (though being more pregnant than I thought would have been nice!).
But as I'm laying there, having cold glop rubbed on my belly, it hit me. There's really a little baby in there. And while I knew that it was highly unlikely that we'd hear anything, that little shimmer of hope was there, and it felt good.

It's finally starting to sink in. I'm pregnant. In 7 months, I'm going to be holding a squishy, wrinkly baby. And I won't have to give him (or her) back to his mom. Of course that means more sleepless nights (maybe Kian will show he loves me by sleeping through the night before the baby is born?), diapers, and a baby bed back in my room. But it also means smelling a sweet baby head, cute clothes that won't get ruined the first time they're worn, tiny little toes to kiss, and a milk scented neck to nuzzle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

7 weeks.

How did that happen? Didn't I just find out like a week ago?? That's right... I did. I'm not used to finding out so "late". Usually I'm taking tests before I'm even technically late! Love those ultra sensitive tests!

I think there's something in a pregnancy test that triggers morning sickness, by the way. I felt fine before I took that Murphey's Law test. You know what that is - right? You're late, so you waste a test because you KNOW you couldn't possibly be pregnant. And as soon as you take it, BAM - you're not. Yeah, it didn't work so well this time.

Anyways, back to this morning sickness crap. I think there's something in the test that triggers it! Last Monday - nothing turned my stomach. Tues??? I was feeling ill eating my Moe's. And if you know me, you KNOW I love Moe's. I'm telling you, there was something in that test I took Tuesday morning!

And I'm getting fatter. And I'm not stupid enough to think it's baby. Something the size of a grain of rice isn't going to make me go up a pant size! I think my body just has such a good memory, it's letting it all hang out with abandon, enjoying the free-ness of being "allowed" to be fat.

I'm also feeling anxious about how everything is going to work out. It's like baby number 8 is baby number 1 all over again. I haven't felt this way in a LONG time. Even the first 3, which were also nice surprises, didn't bring this anxiety. And the obsession. I can see little bits of it starting to poke out here and there, and I know it's only going to get worse.

Yeah, I'm whiney today. I promise not to spend the next 7ish months whining!

On a good note - I got my feet/toes done last Thursday. It's been 18month since I've had a pedicure, and 30ish years before that (ie - never). I feel like an 11 year old little girl that got to put mommy's make up on for the first time! I can't stop looking at my pretty purple toe nails! I definitely won't wait another 18 months to do it again!

And the pictures of the week - just for you. Does it look like I'm bigger? Karen decided not to clone out the bathroom signs this time - she thought it was fitting for maternity pictures. What an ultra cool doorway for a bathroom though!

OH! I got my hair done last week too. And decided to join the rest of the 30-somethings that have gray and cover some of it. My stylist did a WONDERFUL job, though the morning of the pictures I did nothing with my hair - blah. Getting up at 6:30 for a networking meeting isn't conductive to a good hair day. I promise to pay more attention to it next week. I should bribe the kids to find the flat iron that went missing...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I guess there has to be a first post

You would think that after 7 kids, having another baby wouldn't be a surprise to us. Yet, here we are. In shock. Not disappointed, but not our timing either. It could be worse!

It still hasn't sunk in. Maybe, hopefully, blogging about the pregnancy, and sharing with everyone on a weekly basis will help that. It's a new feeling for me! I found myself, even today, planning things for when I'm due, that may be just a bit hard to carry out hugely pregnant or with a newborn!

So - when am I due? As good as I can guess, Feb 9th. If I can stand it (10 days overdue), I could have a baby on my birthday. Or Eric's birthday. Or Kivett's! I guess Dec/Jan/Feb weren't busy enough with birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries already :)

And so I can make it ALL about me, I'll share a picture. With a somewhat (not quite) flat stomach. I'm actually looking forward to capturing the changes my body makes on a weekly basis this time. Some of it may be quite eye opening! I'm already encouraged to try harder to lose the baby weight after this one. Nothing like looking 5 months pregnant 2 days after you found out!